Asics Packable Running Jacket - AW17 HGUSMPJ Product Code:ASI1299311047
Asics Packable Running Jacket - AW17 HGUSMPJ Product Code:ASI1299311047
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Asics Packable Running Jacket

Be prepared for anything while you're on the move with this extra-lightweight packable jacket. Keep your head protected with the adjustable hood, and your lower back covered with the slightly longer hem.

The Asics Packable Running Jacket is the ideal garment for running in wintry conditions as it provides an array of protection, coverage and comfort. Extra lightweight and packable, the jacket is a convenient, accessible and comfortable product which enables you to maintain focus and performance as you strive for the best results. The wearer has the option of placing the hood up to increase weather protection by keeping the wind and rain from your face, or, removing the hood and packing it away when you no longer require it. The hood is securely stowed away and does not cause distraction or discomfort. It is easily packed away and can be easily removed should you need it again.

Vent panels are located on the jacket to enhance breathability and ventilation. Cool air is allowed to enter the jacket to promote a healthier environment while the build-up of excess sweat and moisture is actively wicked away to leave you feeling cool, dry and comfortable. An easy grab zip ensures you can easily and quickly remove the jacket as well as offering ventilation or retaining warmth courtesy of the full zip. For those who like to listen to music when running, the jacket features a zipped chest pocket which is ideal for storing your music device and feeding the headphone cable up to your ear without causing distraction. Rounding off the jacket is an all-over print design which adds a sleek, fashionable look.


  • Packable Hood - Store the hood away when no longer in use.
  • Adjustable Hood - Helps to prevent the elements from causing distraction or discomfort.
  • Vent Panels - Improves breathability and ventilation.
  • Moisture Management - Wicks away excess sweat and moisture.
  • Easy Grab Zip - Enables you to quickly and efficiently remove the jacket.
  • Longer Hem - Adds comfort and keeps your lower back covered.
  • Zipped Chest Pocket - For storage of items such as a music device.
  • All-Over Print - Adds a sleek, fashionable look.
  • Asics Packable Running Jacket - AW17 HGUSMPJ Product Code:ASI1299311047

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