Saucony Bonded Vest - AW17 AJJGCQS Product Code:SAM80-0029BK
Saucony Bonded Vest - AW17 AJJGCQS Product Code:SAM80-0029BKSaucony Bonded Vest - AW17 AJJGCQS Product Code:SAM80-0029BKSaucony Bonded Vest - AW17 AJJGCQS Product Code:SAM80-0029BK
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Saucony Bonded Vest

This Saucony Bonded Vest combines an innovative bonded baffle construction with a lightweight fill for a warm, cosy feel in a sleek, modern package to deliver style as well as quality.

Saucony have incorporated 700fp Thinsulate featherless fill within the vest. The fill works to provide exceptional warmth to keep you focused on cold days so you can consistently maximise your performance without the weather holding you back. As well as offering warmth the vest is extremely lightweight which is ideal for more intense training such as running. Being lightweight means you can push through your motions without being held back by bulky materials. Stretch binding located at the armholes delivers a snug, comfortable fit to help keep you focused and comfortable. Even though the fitting is snug, the vest provides a full, unrestricted range of motion in all directions. Secure your small, essential items in the two zippered hand pockets. The pockets are ideal for any valuables you may need with you while on the move and are finished with a bonded trim that does not cause any discomfort or distraction. A two-way front zipper is simple to use to help make putting on and taking off the vest extremely simple. The zipper also helps guard against friction and irritation, especially in cooler conditions. The synthetic insulation ensures warmth, comfort and durability to become a valuable addition to your workout wardrobe.


  • 700fp Thinsulate - Featherless fill provides exceptional warmth.
  • Lightweight - Maximises comfort with soft, lightweight fabric.
  • Stretch Binding - Provides a full range of motion.
  • Zippered Hand Pockets - Store small, essential items.
  • Two-Way Front Zipper - Simple to use and retains warmth or promotes ventilation.
  • Synthetic Insulation - Ensures comfort and durability.
  • Fabric Breakdown - Polyester Dobby + 3M Featherless 700fp synthetic insulation.
  • Saucony Bonded Vest - AW17 AJJGCQS Product Code:SAM80-0029BK

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